• Victoria Purdon

FODMAP Foods & IBS Symptoms

Updated: Nov 7, 2021

If you're suffering with IBS the FODMAP food group might be what's causing you some trouble...⁠


These are food groups that contain short-chain carbohydrates that some gut bacteria break down quickly, creating a lot of gas in the process. This along with the extra fluids gathered in the small intestine can cause symptoms such as:⁠

  • bloating⁠

  • distention⁠

  • constipation⁠

  • diarrhoea⁠

  • pain⁠

⁠What Kind Of Foods Are FODMAPs?

Let's break these down by each group:


Carbohydrates from the following groups that your microbiome break down in the gut can produce bloating and gas.


Fermentable carbs from galactans and Fructans. These are foods like wheat, lentils, legumes, onions, brussel sprouts.


Found in lactose products such as milk, cheese, yoghurt, custard.


Found in fructose. Mainly found in high glucose fruits like mango, pears, fruit juices, honey, syrups.


Found in stone fruits, confectionery, vegetables such as cauliflower, sweetcorn alcohols and artificial sweeteners such as xylitol, mannitol and sorbitol.

Removing these foods from your diet if you have IBS can be a good start - but PLEASE do not remove these foods for life. Many of them are highly nutrient-dense and beneficial to the gut and body. ⁠

Plus, a restrictive diet is no way to live your life.⁠

⁠A removal and reintroduction plan is of key importance when working with IBS and FODMAP foods. A

Working with a practitioner to decipher if removing FODMAPS is the best treatment for you (or not), as well as working with them on a gut healing and reintroduction plan is SO IMPORTANT. Do not remove these willy nilly as you might be causing more damage than good. ⁠

These last 2 steps are often missed and then people end up right back to where they were, wondering why it didn't work. ⁠ If you're looking for more help with FODMAPS you can book a session in here, or check out the MonashFODMAPs resources.

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