• Victoria Purdon

You Already Have the Clues - Start Connecting the Dots

When you read "food tracking" you might have recoiled, thinking back to myfitnesspal days of calorie counting and weighing out food... That is definitely NOT what I'm talking about here, and I'll tell you why. I'm talking about a gut symptom tracker that involved noting down what foods and moods you may be feeling- to help you link up the dots. Read on to hear how this could help you with your gut symptoms and nutrition plan, or scroll down for the free download.

We Are Disconnected

It is very common for us to be disconnected from our bodies natural rhythms and reactions. We are busy and living in a world where hustle and productivity culture leaves very little time for stillness, reflection and connection to self.

As a result, we miss the signs and symptoms that our bodies whisper to us - until they start shouting.

How Tracking Symptoms Can Help

Tracking your symptoms is a simple way of taking stock and beginning to connect some of the dots. This is part of what we do in a nutritional consultation - we gather data and info and piece together the biomechanical reasoning behind what is happening in the body based on the signs and clues the body gives.

A surprising amount can be gleaned from this more intuitive method of bringing awareness to the body.

Making it Easy

I know life is busy and carving out time is difficult, so I made you a simple symptom tracker. it doesn't have to be complicated or detailed. Heck, you can even keep a note on your phone with the headline points if that is easier.

Connect the Dots

The point of this exercise is to bring awareness to your day to day movements, and then reflect on the whole.

  • What patterns come up?

  • Is stress your symptom driver?

  • Are there any foods that illicit a common reaction?

Try this practice for a week and you might be surprised at the connections you start to make.


Still not sure what might be causing your digestive or skin issues? Book in for a discovery call and we can chat about how nutritional therapy can help you.

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