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Sprouting Beans to Up-level Your Health & Digestion

Updated: Nov 7, 2021

I'm a huge proponent of eating more beans for a healthy diet, but what I love even more, are the benefits of sprouting beans...

Do you get gassy and bloated just looking at legumes and grains? Or flashbacks of painful evenings with a hot water bottle and gallons of peppermint tea following a lentil dahl?

Well, sprouting might just be your new best friend....

What is Sprouting?

Sprouting is the process of germinating via soaking and rinsing them until their

membranes become soft and they begin to sprout. It can be done to beans, grains and seeds.

Why Is Sprouting Good for Digestion?

Grains and legumes contain phytic acids which are known as "anti-nutri

ents" ( like tannins, lectins and polyphenols) which can 'trap' certain nutrients by binding to them and making them less available to the body.

These antinutrients can bind to other beneficial compounds in the digestive tract and in some cases lead to mineral deficiencies.

Sprouting breaks down these anti-nutrients and releases beneficial compounds, making sprouted legumes a far more nutrient-dense option that improves the overall quality of digestion.

Sprouting beans increase their protein and antioxidant content (sometimes up to 10x the amount!), as well as uses up some of the excess starch. This means fewer short-chain fatty acids (SCFA) are available for your gut bugs to consume and create gases from.

Additionally, sprouts contain high amounts of digestive enzymes which further improves the digestive process, while still maintaining high levels of fibre to create bulk and good digestive motility.

The Health Benefits of Sprouting Beans:

  • increased protein availability

  • increase bioavailable compounds by removing anti-nutrients

  • less starch, so easier to digest

  • more enzymes, better digestion

  • fibre for gut motility

  • increased antioxidants live vitamin C, A, and E

  • reduced inflammation

So How Do You Sprout?

It is easy! The process usually involved an initial soak and then a series of rinses over a period of a few days. It sounds more laborious than it is- I promise.

Wholefully has a handy list on what you can sprout and how long it takes here on her 'Sprouting 101' page.

Have you sprouted anything before? Are you going to try it after reading this article? let me know and tag me in any sprout pics over on Instagram!

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