• Victoria Purdon

Why Gut and Skin Health?

I suffered from hormonal acne, bloating, digestive issues and urticaria in my late teens and early 20's.

My symptoms really kicked off when I went to University:

There I was, going to the gym lifting weights every day, eating plain chicken and broccoli, chugging protein shakes and consuming protein bars like there was no tomorrow. But somehow the washboard abs evaded me, and 'healthy' was the last thing I felt.

I would go to the gym, covered in concealer to hide hormonal acne, and then end up breaking out in itchy hives that covered my face, stomach and arms- we are talking big red welts. It also came with light headedness and fainting as a side effect. I was exhausted and had long naps most days and constantly felt 'puffy' and bloated.

Then came the after math. Chug a protein shake after my workout, sometimes two a day "for gains", and dealing with the bloating and digestive issues that would follow. Add a night of uni binge drinking on top of that....


Let's just say - none of this stuff made me feel cute, young and vibrant.

More: sluggish, gross and dull.

It affected my self esteem, mental health and quality of living at a time when I was meant to be 'living my best life'.

'Not great' was just how 'normal' felt

I had tried all the drugstore products throughout the years. At 16, I went to my doctor about my acne and was put on the OCP and following my rash breakouts I was prescribed antihistamines and steroid creams. None of it fixed it.

  • I accepted that leaving the house without makeup on was not an option for me,

  • I accepted that I would break out in a rash every time I exercised,

  • I accepted that having a bloated stomach after meals was normal,

  • I accepted that that 'not great' was just how 'normal' felt.

Then I went travelling...

My poor body and symptoms reached new lows. I face timed my sister, 6 months in living on a shoestring budget ( read: pasta, crisps and bananas, lack of sleep from hostel living, and frequent nights out) at the end of a 14 day booze cruise and remember saying

" my gums feel like they're bleeding iron, my hair is falling out and I haven't pooped or seen a vegetable in days" She kindly added: "and your skin looks grey!"

Turning the corner

Fast forward a few weeks and I'm back in the UK, and invited to go to an open evening for a Nutritional Therapy course with my mom. I go and am so captured that I sign up that evening.

It wasn't until I learnt about how gut health is linked to skin health, and how powerful nutritional therapy is in supporting the bodies natural healing, that my symptoms slowly began disappearing.

I learnt that my years as a kid in and out of hospital due to a life threatening experience of peritonitis from a ruptured appendix; being put under anaesthetics for multiple surgeries, pumped with antibiotics and pain killers for various operations had left my gut in a state of dysbiosis- leading to all the symptoms I was experiencing. My gut microbiome was shot, and the peritonitis potentially left scarring and other damaging pathogens and inflammation that my body hadn't recovered from. Add the typical American diet on top of that, and there was no chance!

I also learnt that stress has a big piece to play in inflammation, the gut and affects how the body functions as a whole. Having experienced some life changing and traumatic events as a teenager, I was no stranger to stress and understood that this was a contributing factor in my overall health.

What I want to share is

By understanding my health history, repairing my gut and addressing imbalances and inflammation with nutrition and a holistic lifestyle approach, I now:

  • go to the gym without breaking out in a huge rash

  • having no symptoms of bloating and digestive issues

  • have clearer, healthier skin that doesn't need concealing

  • reduced deep facial lines

  • better periods and reduced PMS

  • more energy and focus

  • am focused on long term health

Delving deep into your past health history is an eye opening piece of the puzzle to your health. You need to understand the bodies terrain from it's whole life journey, rather than from symptom onset, so that you can better address the imbalances that may be at play in causing those symptoms.

Nutrition and lifestyle tools can provide huge support, or destruction, in the body and these are things you have control over.

I know it can be overwhelming - what diet should you do, what product would work best.... Just remember that marketers are trying to sell you their items. They don't know your life history or your body. I'm passionate about helping you understand and take control of your health terrain. To take scientifically backed actions that will restore your gut, reduce bloating and improve skin issues- so you can feel your best!

The very best thing I gained from nutritional therapy, was that while initially I was driven my vanity ( wanting clearer skin and a flatter belly) what I got was feeling more connected and better in myself in ways I cant wait to share with you.

Let's shift the focus from looking good, to feeling good. Because when you feel good, you look good ;)

I can't wait to help you on your journey to feel the power of the nutritional and holistic science approach. If this sounds like something that aligns, you can book in a free 15min call to discuss your requirements here.

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